Spitter Talents Released & New Special Effects
Posted 12/9/2011, 4:40 pm (GMT -8)

We are excited to announce the following major updates:


The Spitter talents have been released, meaning every Special Infected now has talents. We will now begin tweaking the gameplay to make it better suited for players. We are getting closer to releasing the beta version of XPMod. However, the mod is still in alpha, so frequent and drastic changes are expected to occur.


New special effects have also been released, you can download them by clicking the "Downloads" link in the navigation bar, or following this shortcut here. In the special effects you will find indicators of Spitter Goo Types, the Chargers' Invulnerability, Survivor particles relating to the Spitter, and various other changes.


Thank you for supporting us as we continue to improve XPMod.


Several Major Updates
Posted 12/9/2011, 4:40 pm (GMT -8)

We are excited to announce the following major updates:


Two new versions of XPMod were released this week, which include significant changes to the mod. Arguably the most requested feature is now live. We introduced a new account system, which utilizes MySQL to link all servers to a global database. No matter what server you play on, your progress will be saved/loaded instantly on all servers running XPMod.


In the second significant change we introduced the Charger Talents! Please keep in mind, the Charger was only just released, so updates to the Charger may occur as we attempt to balance his gameplay. Those of you familiar with XPMod know this means the Spitter is the only Infected left to be implemented. We are currently designing the Spitters talents and we intend to release them soon.


Lastly, Urbanly Adjusted, the group that hosts XPMod servers, will be receiving upgrades to their servers shortly. This should entail less latency and additional XPMod servers.


Thank you for supporting us as we continue to improve XPMod.


Special Effects (Alpha) Released
Posted 9/27/2011, 4:34 pm (GMT -8)

Hello again Left 4 Dead 2 and XPMod fans!


The Alpha version of the special effects for XPMod have been released.


The special effects allow everyone playing on an XPMod server to see and hear everything from a Visual Graphics User Interface (VGUI), an Announcer, experience sprites, particle effects, talent sounds

and other things of the sort.


For the special effects addon file and the installation instructions visit

the downloads page.


How to play XPMod
Posted 6/15/2011, 8:53 am (GMT -8)

Hello all you Left 4 Dead 2 and XPMod fans.


You can find the XPMod servers one of two ways. Either start L4D2, open the console, type "openserverbrowser", go to the custom tab and in the server filter tag type "xpmod", or, join the XPMod steam group by clicking the XPMod image link at the top or bottom of this page and click the "Join this group" option on the right hand side.


Joining the steam group will list all servers with the "xpmod" tag in the bottom right of your screen when you start Left 4 Dead 2, just click "Steam Group Servers" to view the full list. Additionally, joining the XPMod steam group allows you to keep up with all XPMod news, other XPMod players and any events that may take place regarding the XPMod steam group or its affiliates.


We are getting closer to releasing the Beta version of XPMod to the public, as such we wish to give you another chance to play the Alpha version and give us a hand finding glitches or just sending in some ideas you would like to see implemented (our contact info is on the help page).


We hope you will all get a chance to enjoy XPMod and that it will reignite your interest in one of our favorite games.


Good hunting.